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In hberboard, the phenomena of -molderlng can be visualized as decomposition resulting from the motion of a thermal wave-front through the material. The tendency to smolder Is then directly proportional to the velocity of the front. Velocity measurements were made on four tiberboards and were compared to values given In the literature for several substances. Velocities ranged from zero to 4.63 x 10-2 inch per minute (11.8 cm/min). The phenomena of smoldering is also considered in terms of transport processes; a discussion of related literature and theory is provided, culminating in tr wave-front propagation model. United States Department of / Agriculture Aacession For Smoldering NI Forest Service -NTIS R& WavestFront CA Laboratory' 3ae ~ r n utifcat ica'."._ _1 PeSearch Velocity in B FPL 37 Duiostrb-, Fiberboard, Di-t .p. ...

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