Edward I, Arthurian Enthusiast

  title={Edward I, Arthurian Enthusiast},
  author={R. Loomis},
  pages={114 - 127}
SIR MAURICE POWICKE in his fine study, King Henry III and the Lord Edward, has this to say on the relation of Edward I to the Arthurian tradition.' He knew . .. how to appeal to history. He tried to comprehend inhis own rule the traditions of his land. He would not allow Llywelyn and the Welsh to rely upon the memories of King Arthur and the belief in his return to save them. When he and Queen Eleanor were at Glastonbury at Easter in 19278, he had the tomb of Arthur and Guenevere open and the… Expand


La Litt6raturefrangai8e a la cour des duce de Bourgogne
  • 1909
26), says that there had never been a king so mighty in war since Arthur's time
    Catalogue of Romances
    • the British Museum, i (London, 1883), 299 f
    Ii, and Sidney Sussex College 43) contain Anglo-French prophecies assigned to Merlin concerning the six kings who followed John, in which Edward appears as 'une dragoun de mercy
      Moreover, several manuscripts of the chronicle add a French translation of Edward's claim to sovereignty over Scotland, including the precedent established by Arthur