Edward Blyth and the Theory of Natural Selection

  title={Edward Blyth and the Theory of Natural Selection},
  author={EDWARD A. Martin},
WITH reference to Mr. H. M. Vickers's letter in NATURE of February 16, I may perhaps mention that the Edward Blyth who edited Gilbert White's “Selborne” in 1836, a reissue of which was made in 1858, dated his “advertisement”, or preface, from “Lower Tooting, November, 1836”. Blyth's bird notes to this edition are extensive, but the other portions of the book are very free from annotation. 
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Edward Blyth and the Asiatic Society

Though Blyth never claimed any priority of the discovery of the theory of evolution over Darwin, some authors drew the attention of Blyoth’s ‘early discovery’ at a time when both BlyTH and Darwin passed away, and this paper duly dealt the controversy and made conclusion.