Edward Blyth and the Asiatic Society

  title={Edward Blyth and the Asiatic Society},
  author={A. Basu},
  journal={Indian journal of history of science},
  • A. Basu
  • Published 1 June 2017
  • History
  • Indian journal of history of science
Edward Blyth, one of the early British zoologist spent twenty-two years in Calcutta as a curator of the museum of the Asiatic Society. His work as a taxonomist and field-observer drew the attention of Charles Darwin followed by exchange of letters. Darwin duly acknowledged contribution of Blyth in his books, particularly in Descent of Man. Because of large and varied stores of knowledge, Darwin valued Blyth more than any one. John Gould, the renowned ornithologist considered Blyth as one of the… Expand


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