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Educational psychology and dyslexia : an investigation into current thinking and practice

  title={Educational psychology and dyslexia : an investigation into current thinking and practice},
  author={Allison Inoue},

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Perceptions of Blended Learning Competencies and Obstacles among Educational Technology Students in Light of Different Anxiety Levels and Locus of Control
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There are opportunities to increase literacy levels by making better use of what the authors have learned about reading and language but also institutional obstacles and understudied issues for which more evidence is badly needed.
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Preface Foreword 1. What is dyslexia? 2. Explanations at the cognitive level 3. The neurobiological bases of reading disability 4. Assessment and intervention 5. Conclusions and recommendations.
Educational Psychologists? views of factors that influence job approbation, job satisfaction and dissatisfaction when working within multi-agency local authority contexts.
Background: Over the past decade Local Authority Educational Psychologists in England have been increasingly required to engage in multi-agency work. There has been limited research within the UK