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Educational diagnosis of mental models: Assessment problems and technology-based solutions.

  title={Educational diagnosis of mental models: Assessment problems and technology-based solutions.},
  author={Norbert M. Seel},
Designing games for learning: An investigation of instructional designers, game designers, and teachers design decisions and epistemological beliefs
Using nanofiltration membranes for the recovery of phosphorous with a second type of technology for the Recovery of nitrogen is suggest to be a viable process. Expand
Cognitive, metacognitive and motivational perspectives on preflection in self-regulated online learning
More research is needed for investigating personalised and adaptive realisation of preflective prompts as well as automated feedback for SRL. Expand
Validation study of a method for assessing complex ill-structured problem solving by using causal representations
This study explored the impact of a massively multiplayer online educational game, which was designed to support an interdisciplinary STEM education on ninth-grade students’ complex, ill-structured problem solving skill acquisition. Expand
Model-based learning: a synthesis of theory and research
Early theoretical approaches in the realm of cognitive science, the emphasis will be on recent theoretical developments in the field of reinforcement learning that distinguish between model-based and model-free learning. Expand
Strategi penghujahan saintifik terhadap perubahan konseptual konsep asid dan bes
Alternative frameworks refer to students’ misconceptions which disrupt and hinder students learning process. These alternative frameworks are inconsistent with the concept used by scientists.Expand
Effect of Two-tier Diagnostic Tests on Promoting Learners’ Conceptual Understanding of Variables in Conducting Scientific Experiments
Taking a test generally improves the retention of the material tested. This is a phenomenon commonly referred to as testing effect. The present research investigated whether two-tier diagnostic testsExpand
Modelo para visualizar y evaluar el conocimiento conceptual
espanolEste articulo describe un sistema computacional de evaluacion del estudiante basado en el metodo DistSem. El sistema de diagnostico, Infosem, ha tomado como base el modelo de una redExpand
Exploring learning how to learn in a team-based engineering education
The automatically generated graphical representations provide insight into the complex processes of the learning-dependent development of individual mental models and shared mental models. Expand