Educational Web Mining System Based on Result Cache Method for Information Retrieval


There were times in the past when it seems harder to find the information on specific topics and now, the same task is just a one click away. In current times, a huge pool of information is available on different topics on World Wide Web (WWW) and the task of finding a specific one becomes a bit tricky. Different techniques are out there for information searching and retrieval, from which one can choose an efficient technique called web mining. Web mining is the technique that is used for the extraction of useful information from across the available information. There are different such a sub-techniques through which a web mining can be implemented but has some challenges and issues such as network speed, longer fetching time, content availability, lack of information relevance etc. The paper presents the methodology that tries to avoid or minimize the above mentioned problems by the means of result cache approach that reduces the fetching time, increase the availability of the information resource and provides the closely accurate resources to its users.

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