Educational Experiments with an Online Microelectronics Characterization Laboratory


1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rm. 39-415, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA, Abstract  We have developed and deployed an online microelectronics characterization laboratory that allows the characterization of transistors and other microelectronic devices in real time through the internet. The architecture of this system was devised to accomplish two goals: 1) the delivery of a rich educational experience in microelectronic device characterization to remote computers, and 2) the ability to scale to a large number of students as well as multiple courses. This system has allowed the introduction of device characterization projects and other laboratory exercise in microelectronics subjects that did not have a laboratory component in the past. We have demonstrated the scaling potential of this system through multiple educational experiments. At any one time, as many as 170 graduate and undergraduate students used the systems from locations in the U.S. and in Singapore. Since this project was launched in 1998, over 600 students have used the system in 9 different subjects.

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