Education spaces: embodied dimensions and dynamics

  title={Education spaces: embodied dimensions and dynamics},
  author={Victoria Cook and Peter J. Hemming},
  journal={Social \& Cultural Geography},
  pages={1 - 8}
Education is of immense significance to political and economic life, particularly in advanced capitalist societies where specific levels of educational attainment are deemed essential in the reprod... 
Placing Heteronormativity : A micro-geographical approach to the school as a space of heteronormative (re)production
Within children's geographies there has been an absence concerning sexuality and in particular how this can lead to the discimination and marginalisation of individuals. Similarly, within geographi
Scottish Council of the Deans of EducationAttainment Challenge Project
Developing pedagogies that work for Pre-Service and Early Career Teachers to reduce the Attainment Gap in Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing. Progress report and response to Research
‘If you take learning seriously, I’ll assign you to a good seat’: moralized seating order and the making of educational success in China’s public schools
This study explores the multilayered meanings of classroom seating order – a crucial spatial element of school life – and its influences on children’s experiences. Drawing on fieldwork in a seconda...
British degrees made in Hong Kong: an enquiry into the role of space and place in transnational education
The fundamental logic of transnational education programmes is a one-to-one transfer of institutional capital across space and an unimportance of place. This article interrogates these presumptions
Education unbound? Enlivening debates with a mobilities perspective on learning
This paper contributes to recent debates on the geographies of education. I argue that research in geography over the past decade has conceptualized education principally in terms of attachment to –
Multicultural learning: parent encounters with difference in a Birmingham primary school
In the UK, schools are considered vital to the realisation of intercultural cities, to the strengthening of community relations and to the development of new forms of social learning. This paper
Dialogue, inquiry, and encounter: Critical geographies of online higher education
The rapid expansion of online education compels debate over what accessible higher education should be, how it should be delivered, and whom it should serve. While geographers remain relatively
Mobile Sociologies of Education
This special issue of the European Educational Research Journal collects articles from the sessions organised by the newly launched sociologies of education network (network 28) of the European
Creating an ethos for learning: classroom seating and pedagogical use of space at a Chinese suburban middle school
  • Min Zhang
  • Sociology, Education
    Children's Geographies
  • 2021
ABSTRACT The classroom is a crucial, everyday element of children's geographies with important socio-spatial characteristics that demand scholarly attention. This study ethnographically investigates


Learning to Labor: How Working-Class Kids Get Working-Class Jobs
Contents: Key to transcripts Introduction. Part I Ethnography: Elements of a culture Class and institutional form of a culture Labour power, culture, class and institution. Part II Analysis:
Schooling in Capitalist America: Educational Reform and the Contradictions of
Marxist analysis of the role of schooling to a radical critique of liberal reforms in education. The methods and analysis are eclectic and interdisciplinary; by its very nature the book defies a
Making spaces : citizenship and difference in schools
Acknowledgements Introduction: Do You Wanna Dance Individual Citizens Space and Place for Markets: New Right and the Restructuring of Education Curricula for Nations Invitation to the Dance:
Thinking through education: the geographies of contemporary educational restructuring
Despite playing central roles in state-building, economic development, social reproduction, and cultural politics, education has remained on the margins of critical geographical thought. Recent
Class Work: Mothers' Involvement In Their Children's Primary Schooling
Introduction Hidden from View: Mothers in Parental Involvement Women and Social Class: A Different Version Mothers and their Children's Schooling Lessons from Life: The Influence of History and
Substituting for Families? Schools and Social Reproduction in AIDS-affected Lesotho
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The Body And Social Theory
Introduction The Body in Sociology The Naturalistic Body The Socially Constructed Body The Body and Social Inequalities The Body and Physical Capital The Civilized Body The Body, Self-Identity and
Ecological Identity Work in Higher Education: Theoretical Perspectives and a Case Study
This paper develops and extends the concept of ecological identity work through an investigation of issues of identity among students studying the environment at one US university. We conceptualize
Educational Restructuring from a Community Viewpoint: A Case Study of School Closure from Invercargill, New Zealand
Beyond their educational function, schools are frequently a focal point for community life. We argue that this latter role was compromised in New Zealand by a decade of neoliberal realignments within
Theoretical Studies Towards a Sociology of Language
The papers in this volume show the origin and development of Bernstein's theoretical studies into the relationships between social class, patterns of language use and the primary socialization of the