Education or Indoctrination? The Accuracy of Introductory Psychology Textbooks in Covering Controversial Topics and Urban Legends About Psychology

  title={Education or Indoctrination? The Accuracy of Introductory Psychology Textbooks in Covering Controversial Topics and Urban Legends About Psychology},
  author={Christopher J. Ferguson and Jeffrey M. Brown and Amanda Torres},
  journal={Current Psychology},
The introductory psychology class represents the first opportunity for the field to present new students with a comprehensive overview of psychological research. Writing introductory psychology textbooks is challenging given that authors need to cover many areas they themselves may not be intimately familiar with. This challenge is compounded by problems within the scholarly community in which controversial topics may be communicated in ideological terms within scholarly discourse… 

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ion. As Gurwitsch (1974) put it, “The sciences find the subject matter of their study in the life-world; their purpose and sense are to provide a theoretical account of the life-world” (p. 139).



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The author was gratified to read these three stimulating commentaries, if only because they suggest that his article accomplished its principal aim: to engender thoughtful debate concerning the sources of, and remedies for, psychology's problematic scientific status in the public eye.

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