Education in the Christian Roman Empire: Christian and Pagan Theories under Constantine and His Successors

  title={Education in the Christian Roman Empire: Christian and Pagan Theories under Constantine and His Successors},
  author={Glanville Downey},
  pages={48 - 61}
  • G. Downey
  • Published 1 January 1957
  • History
  • Speculum
EVER since the days of Socrates and Plato, at least some statesmen have been very much aware of the role of education in the preparation of men for their duties in the state as well as in private life. Modern educational problems, which will affect he welfare of the state, are only too familiar; and we know that similar problems existed in antiquity. A characteristic understanding of what was involved appears in the brief treatise on educating children written by St John Chrysostom, in the… 

Imperial Involvement in Education and Theology: Constantine to Constantius II

This article discusses the phenomenon of imperial involvement in Christian theological debate during the reign of Constantius II. It asks what the imperial interest would have been in getting

Constantius' paideia, intellectual milieu and promotion of the liberal arts*

  • Nick Henck
  • History
    Proceedings of the Cambridge Philological Society
  • 2001
Constantine the Great's sons, Constantine II, Constantius II and Constans, were the first Roman emperors since Commodus (AD 180–92), Marcus Aurelius' son, to have been brought up in the imperial

Die Weltchronik des Johannes Malalas

Die 18 Bucher umfassende Chronik des Johannes Malalas stellt das alteste erhaltene Beispiel einer byzantinischen Weltchronik dar und bietet damit singulare Einblicke in die Fruhphase einer



On the place of the panegyric in Roman education at this period, see Galletier's introduction to the first

  • and the study by R. Pichon, Lee derniers Ecrivains profanes
  • 1906

As has been noted above (n. 48), the education of Constantius is described (in terms of conventional praise) by Julian in his Panegyric of Constantius. 66 Or. vi, 81b

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  • Concerning the Gods and the Universe
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The contest appears also in the Dio of Synesius

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