Education and social mobility

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1. Education and social mobility Phillip Brown, Diane Reay and Carol Vincent 2. Reflections on education and social mobility A.H. Halsey 3. Social mobility, a panacea for austere times: tales of emperors, frogs, and tadpoles Diane Reay 4. Education, opportunity and the prospects for social mobility Phillip Brown 5. 'Class work': producing privilege and social mobility in elite US secondary schools Lois Weis and Kristin Cipollone 6. Higher education, social class and the mobilisation of capitals… 

Social mobility in the slipstream: first-generation students’ narratives of university participation and family

ABSTRACT In recent years, increasing research attention has been devoted to “first-generation” or “first-in-family” university students. For a sizeable cohort of students there is still little or no

Social class and mobility: student narratives of class location in English higher education

  • A. Bathmaker
  • Sociology
    Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education
  • 2020
ABSTRACT This paper explores ways in which university students articulate understandings of their class positions and perceptions of opportunities for social mobility. The promise that participation


ABSTRACT The United Kingdom’s Coalition government has introduced an education policy that is focused on increasing the opportunities to promote and advance social mobility for all children within

The Link Between Education and Social Upward Mobility: Some Theoretical Perspectives on Rurality

Education is the cornerstone in the sustainability of any society and it has played a pivotal role in uplifting the socioeconomic standard of individuals across the globe (Brown et al. 2013; Arifin

Wasteland revisited: defining an agenda for a sociology of education and migration

Abstract In 2007, we argued that, when it comes to sociology of education, the lives and education of refugee children were invisible. Sociology of education was ‘a wasteland’ as far as studies of

Aspiration and Experiences of Youth in Patna

This paper discusses the prevailing aspiration matrix of youth for jobs and concerns about their future. The aspiration matrix in this study is understood as complex interplay of culture, personal


ABSTRACT Recent policy on careers guidance in England suggests a somewhat straightforward process. The assumption is that quality careers guidance will enable young people to make informed

Who Gets to Have a DREAM? Examining Public Support for Immigration Reform

This article assesses how different notions of citizenship shape mass attitudes toward immigration reform. We examine the underpinnings of the military service and college education provisions that

Can Political Inequalities Be Educated Away? Evidence from a Large-Scale Reform

Over the years, many suggestions have been made on how to reduce the importance of family background in political recruitment. In this study, we examine the effectiveness of one such proposal: the

Social selectivity and gender-segregation across fields of study: Comparative evidence from Austria

This study explores stratification within the Austrian university system by focusing on social selectivity and gender-segregation across fields of study. We investigate how much the choice of field