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Education and Training 2020 Thematic Working Group ‘ Professional Development of Teachers ’ Literature review Quality in Teachers ’ continuing professional development

  title={Education and Training 2020 Thematic Working Group ‘ Professional Development of Teachers ’ Literature review Quality in Teachers ’ continuing professional development},
  author={Francesca Caena},

Continuing Professional Teacher Development (CPTD): A National and International Perspective

ABSTRACT The professional development of a teacher is dependent on the opportunities provided by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as mandated by the South African National Policy

The use of computer based instructions to enhance Rwandan Secondary School Teachers ICT competency and continuous professional development

This study intended to investigate into the extent to which computers and Internet that are being availed to schools in Rwanda can be used to enhance teachers’ ICT competency and continuous

Application of the Delphi Technique to Determine the Technological Competencies of a Faculty Member

The formed primary level and dynamic and sustainable development of technological competence provides quality management of teaching activities, increases the efficiency of the educational process,


Teacher education is a controversial issue in Romania today. It is an important subject in the debates in academia, in practitioners‟ groups, and in mass-media. Teacher education is viewed as being

The Application Degree of Participative School Leaderships at Al-Ihsa Governorate and Its Correlation with Teachers’ Professional Development

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Pre-Service Teachers ’ Challenges and Affordances in Implementing Inquiry-Based Science Teaching at Lower Primary FEBRI

Our study is a designed-based research with our pre-service teachers as participants. We aimed at mapping pre-service science teachers’ challenges and affordances when they faced the task of planning


Teachers’ professional development (PD) is viewed as the center of educational reforms in many countries, and this topic has been widely researched by scholars such as Avalos (2011), Darling-Hammond



The International Handbook of School Effectiveness Research

Part One: The Historical and Intellectual Foundations of School Effectiveness Research 1.An Introduction to School Effectiveness Research 2.Current Topics and Approaches in School Effectiveness

The Rand Change Agent Study Revisited: Macro Perspectives and Micro Realities

The Rand Change Agent study, undertaken from 1973–1978, indicated a significant shift in the ways people thought about affecting planned change in education. Rand found that effective projects were

Does Teacher Preparation Matter? Evidence about Teacher Certification, Teach for America, and Teacher Effectiveness

Recent debates about the utility of teacher education have raised questions about whether certified teachers are, in general, more effective than those who have not met the testing and training

Les nouvelles politiques éducatives

Conditions fostering educational change

During the 1990s, large-scale reform efforts intensified as a strategy to implement educational innovations (Fullan, 2000). Evaluations of innovation efforts from past decades have made clear that

Promoting teachers' professional development

Because teacher quality has a great influence on pupil attainment, teachers’ professional development receives a lot of attention in educational policy. This dissertation contains five studies on how

Teachers' professional development : Europe in international comparison

Change the Terms for Teacher Learning.

School improvement in an era of change

Introduction - school improvement in an era of change. Part 1: perspectives on educational reform making sense of change school and classroom effectiveness approaches to school improvement