Eduard Gerhard: Founder of Classical Archaeology?

  title={Eduard Gerhard: Founder of Classical Archaeology?},
  author={Alain Schnapp and Matthew Tiews},
  pages={169 - 171}
It is difficult for us to imagine that archaeology is a relatively recent discipline, whose establishment dates to the middle of the nineteenth century. Its development has been so rapid and the interest elicited by its discoveries so strong that it seems to be a science as ancient as it is canonical. We should not be misled, however: if the taste for the past, the passion for collection, the observation of the earth, are practices as ancient as the earliest humans, archaeology in the modern… 

Landscapes of Achaemenid Paphlagonia

This dissertation presents a critical study of the landscapes of Achaemenid-period Paphlagonia (c. 550-330 BCE), a mountainous region in northern central Turkey that extends from the verdant Black