Editorial The need of a taxonomy

  title={Editorial The need of a taxonomy},
  author={John J. Bonica},
Negative Affect Heightens Opiate Withdrawal-Induced Hyperalgesia in Heroin Dependent Individuals
The authors found that former heroin addicts showed heightened pain sensitivity following months of abstinence. Expand
Concepts and Prospects
Opioid and non-opioid pain relief after an emergency department acute pain visit.
Overall, opioids appear to be effective and used as intended by the prescribing physician. Expand
Pain Management in Older Persons
Pain is a common symptom in the elderly and it is problematic and distressful especially if the polder person is dependent on a caregiver. Pain keeps the sufferer uncomfortable and can affect theExpand
Pain relieving effect of music on patients during transrectal ultrasonography: A pilot study
Age was negatively associated with pain during TRUS, and music had a relieving effect on pain in patients aged ≥65.0 years, and the findings may help improve the quality of examinations in urologic outpatient offices. Expand
Revisions to the IASP definition of pain—What does this mean for children?
The complexity of the phenomenon of pain defies a simple and straightforward definition. Acute, chronic, nociplastic and neuropathic pain account for multiple pathologic mechanisms and forms ofExpand
The Paradox of Pain
Bodily pain strikes many philosophers as deeply paradoxical. The issue is that pains seem to bear both physical characteristics, such as a location in the body, and mental characteristics, suchExpand
A Brief Look into the Origins of Fish Welfare Science
Every year, humans kill or injure trillions of fishes in fisheries, recreational fishing, aquaculture, and through the destruction or contamination of their habitats. However, until recently fishExpand
A review on medical plants advised for neuralgia from the perspective of "canon of medicine"
Medicinal plants mentioned in Avicenna's Canon of Medicine such as marshmallow and bitter almond showed anti-inflammatory or analgesic effects in the literature. Expand