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Editorial Opinion: What Are We Missing? Is There A Moral Judgment in Psychiatry as Well as Mental Illness?

  title={Editorial Opinion: What Are We Missing? Is There A Moral Judgment in Psychiatry as Well as Mental Illness?},
  • Published 2018
  • Psychology
How can we more formally define good and evil? My esteemed colleague Stanley Krippner PhD has suggested to me “that something is ‘good’ if it is life-potentiating and helps people manifest the potentials with which they entered this world. Something is ‘bad’ if it is life-depotentiating and blocks their potentials. Of course, culture plays a critical role and often what is ‘good’ in one culture is ‘bad’ in another culture. Good and evil are seen and interpreted through the lens of culture. The… 

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Conceptualizing good and evil in psychiatry and social groups

  • Psychology
  • 2017
The author provides complex illustrations of Good and Evil (in Part 1), and particularly in the context of whether or not mental illness is involved (Part 2). • He refers to ‘Evil Obedience’ using

To treat a psychopath

  • H. Maibom
  • Psychology
    Theoretical medicine and bioethics
  • 2014
It is argued that optimism about the possibility of treating psychopathy with drugs that directly modulate brain function is misplaced and there are principled reasons that psychopathy is so singularly treatment resistant.

Moral Vitalism

A scale designed to assess the belief in moral vitalism is introduced, showing that “moral vitalists” worry about being possessed by evil, being contaminated through contact with evil people, and forfeiting their own mental purity.

The Psychogenesis of Mental Disease

This third volume of Jung's Collected Works contains his renowned monograph "On the Psychology of Dementia Praecox" (1907), described by A. A. Brill as indispensable for every student of

Suicide and language.

  • D. Sommer-Rotenberg
  • Psychology
    CMAJ : Canadian Medical Association journal = journal de l'Association medicale canadienne
  • 1998
A campaign to establish in his memory a research chair in suicide studies at the University of Toronto — the first of its kind in North America — attest to the silence that has historically surrounded the issue of suicide.

Good & evil in the crusade of care. Social constructions of mental disorders.

A nonprofessional discourse about "evil" presents a challenge to the structural and clinical credibility of forensic practice.

“How to spot a psychopath”

The results suggest that educational programmes are required to improve mental health literacy in relation to psychopathy among the general public.

The language of the psychopath: characteristics of prisoners' performance in a sentence completion test.

  • Johann Endres
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Criminal behaviour and mental health : CBMH
  • 2004
In the context of recent research, verbal patterns are seen, together with interpersonal behaviour patterns and linguistic properties, as valid indicators of psychopathy and might be particularly useful when biographical information is lacking.

Paroxysmal Disorders in Neuropsychiatry: Why Episodic Disorders Must be Accounted For

Possibly the most under-diagnosed of all medical conditions are the episodic ones linked with the brain, which need to be diagnosed, yet the criteria to evaluate them are usually unknown.