Editorial Board.

  title={Editorial Board.},
  author={Etem Aziri and Elda Bagaviki and Abdulla Aliu and Nexhbi Veseli and Mustafa Ibrahimi and Arben Malaj},
  journal={Journal of pediatric orthopedics},
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The actual development of the media has imposed new professional standards and an intensive practice on the part of media staff and reporters. However, all their activity can’t escape the evolving questions: What position must they take up on the event offered to the public opinion? What are the expected consequences of a published or broadcasted story? The raising of the questions above brings the debate about the motives standing behind the journalists or media people behaviour to the… 


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Education Development Center/Center for Children and Technology
  • 2003
The Design and Evaluation of Web Based Multimedia Learning Resources
  • Processes of the Seventh Annual Conference on the Teaching of Computing at the University of Ulster,
  • 1999