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Editorial (a preface to a Special Issue of journal Applied Sciences on "Guided-Wave Optics")

  title={Editorial (a preface to a Special Issue of journal Applied Sciences on "Guided-Wave Optics")},
  author={Boris A. Malomed},
  journal={arXiv: Optics},
  • B. Malomed
  • Published 16 September 2017
  • Materials Science
  • arXiv: Optics
This is a preface introducing a Special Issue on the topic of "Guided-Wave Optics" published by Applied Sciences. The Special Issue is a collection of 20 original and review articles dealing with various fundamental and applied aspects of the topic. 


Nonlinear optical effects in artificial materials
Abstract.We consider some nonlinear phenomena in metamaterials with negative refractive index properties. Our consideration includes a survey of previously known results as well as identification of
Near-zero refractive index photonics
The underlying principles and unique optical applications of structures exhibiting near-zero dielectric permittivity and/or magnetic permeability are reviewed. The timely relevance to nonlinear,
On multidimensional solitons and their legacy in contemporary Atomic, Molecular and Optical physics
This viewpoint relates to an article by B A Malomed, D Mihalache, F Wise, and L Torner (2005 J. Opt. B: Quantum Semiclass. Opt. 7 R53–R72) and was published as part of a series of viewpoints
PhD TUTORIAL: Discrete optics in femtosecond-laser-written photonic structures
Over the last few years arrays of evanescently coupled waveguides have been brought into focus as a particular representation of functionalized optical materials, in which the dispersion and
Optics of photonic quasicrystals
The optical characteristics and applications of the quasicrystal, a special form of aperiodic engineered structure, are explored in this Review article.
Spatial photonics in nonlinear waveguide arrays.
The recent proposal of optical induction for producing nonlinear photonic lattices has revolutionized the study of nonlinear waves in waveguide arrays. In particular, it enabled the first observation
Optical hyperlens: far-field imaging beyond the diffraction limit
We propose an approach to far-field optical imaging beyond the diffraction limit. The proposed system allows image magnification, is robust with respect to material losses and can be fabricated by
High Power Fiber Lasers: A Review
In this paper, we summarize the fundamental properties and review the latest developments in high power fiber lasers. The review is focused primarily on the most common fiber laser configurations and
Collapse of optical pulses.
Under the combined effect of diffraction, anomalous dispersion, and nonlinear refraction, an optical pulse can collapse simultaneously in time and space. Such a collapse could yield short pulses with
Introduction to Fiber Optics
Preface Optic fiber and light a brilliant combination What makes the light stay in the fiber? The choice of frequency Propagation of light along the fiber Decibels Losses in optic fibers Dispersion