Editorial : Why coordination models and languages in ai ?

  title={Editorial : Why coordination models and languages in ai ?},
  author={Andrea Omicini and George Angelos Papadopoulos},
ion. In J.-J. C. Meyer and P.-Y. Schobbens, eds., Formal Models of AgentsÈESPRIT Project ModelAge Final Report, 1760, L NAI, Springer-Verlag, pp. 90È102. Denti, E., A. Natali, and A. Omicini. 1998. On the expressive power of a language for programming coordination media. In SAC, 1999, pp. 169È177. Finin, T., Y. Labrou, and R. Scott Cost. 2001. Coordinating agents using agent communication languages conservations. In Coordination of Internet agents : Models, technologies and applications… CONTINUE READING


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