Editorial: is masculinity toxic?

  title={Editorial: is masculinity toxic?},
  author={Sam de Boise},
  pages={147 - 151}
In January of this year, the American Psychological Association (APA), released guidelines on working with men and boys, and specifically how to deal with those who adhere to notions of ‘traditiona... 

Penis Primacy, Female Marginality, and Masculine Subjectivity in ‘Nigeria’s Rape Culture’

Since the dawn of time, rape and sexual violence against women (RSVAW) has remained a thorny issue that defies every approach to stamp it out of human society. Global statistical data on rape and s...


The first purpose of this paper is to analyze the direct and indirect, shortand long-term consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic for men. The second purpose is to identify the mechanisms underlying

What’s masculinity got to do with it? The COVID-19 pandemic, men and care

Early data from several countries regarding the gendered implications of COVID-19 suggest that men are more likely to die as an effect of infection. This has been explained by biological factors but

“Husbands Are Pregnant, Too”: Caring Masculinities in Pregnancy Books for Men

This article studies pregnancy books that are written largely by men for men and that account for men’s roles in pregnancy. Drawing on an analysis of the texts themselves, this study shows recurring


This article examines sociological, psychological, and suicidological research on the determinants of male suicide to explore the fact that Polish men complete suicide 7.4 times more than women, a

Real men love babies: protest speech and masculinity at abortion clinics in the Southern United States

  • W. Arey
  • Sociology
    Norma, international journal for masculinity studies
  • 2020
It is found that male companions often employ tropes of patriarchal masculinity within attempts to perform supportive masculinity in response to protest speech, while protesters simultaneously use patriarchal masculinity and contemporary gender ideologies on responsible fatherhood in attempts to prevent abortion.

Problematising ‘Toxic’ and ‘Healthy’ Masculinity for Addressing Gender Inequalities

ABSTRACT This article discusses the emergence of ‘toxic’ and ‘healthy masculinity’ in public discourse in addressing gender inequalities. ‘Toxic’ has emerged through greater awareness of men’s

Interrogating the “incel menace”: assessing the threat of male supremacy in terrorism studies

ABSTRACT Following a series of deadly attacks, and increasingly in recent years, incels have entered not only the public lexicon but also piqued scholarly interest, especially in terrorism research

“A Short Story of a Lonely Guy”: A Qualitative Thematic Analysis of Involuntary Celibacy Using Reddit

Scant research exists on those who classify as involuntarily celibate. Research in the past has focused on groups such as people celibate in marriage, those with chronic disease or illness, and the



In the time of masculinist political revival

In these current times of masculinist political revival in different parts of the world combined with  openly sexist and male chauvinistic agendas, masculinity studies has a vital task of understan

Feminism for Men

Drawing on lifelong experience in movements of social change and on the left, the author describes what he has sensed in women's lives from which he and other males need to learn: (1) compassion, as

The Second Sexism: Discrimination Against Men and Boys

The central claim of Benatar's book is that, throughout history and at present throughout the world, men and boys have become the victims of pervasive and disadvantageous discrimination; hence a


t has become something of a truism to state that the concept of ‘masculinities’ assumed, during the 1990s, an increasing visibility, prominence and political significance both within (and beyond) the

Racial Warriors and Weekend Warriors

This article explores contemporary white male backlash by comparing the discourses of two movements usually assumed to have little in common: the mythopoetic men's movement and the contemporary white

The Limits of “The Male Sex Role”

Some feminists have seen sex role theory as limited, even dangerous; others see it as useful mid-range theory. This article sheds light on this debate through an examination of the discourse of the

Slow Motion: Changing Masculinities Changing Men

Part 1 Look back in anger - men in the fifties: man about the house maternity rules angry young men homophobia and the fear of unmanliness women and the left in the fifties. Part 2 The good father -

From Hegemonic Masculinity to the Hegemony of Men

This article evaluates the usefulness of the concept of hegemony in theorizing men. The discussion is located within the framework of ‘Critical Studies on Men’ (CSM), in which the centrality of power

War, violence and masculinities: introduction and perspectives

The evolution and social constitution of masculinities are intimately linked to violence and to warfare as an organised field of violent practices. The present issues of NORMA explore the mutual

The Second Sexism

ID societies in which sex discrimination has been recognized to be wrong, the assault on this form of discrimination has targeted those attitudes and practices that (directly) disadvantage women and