Editor’s Note: Journal of Clinical Trials

  title={Editor’s Note: Journal of Clinical Trials},
  author={Ankit Lodha},
In clinical research, several studies use to perform on human subjects to evaluate the dependence of the disease occurrence with one or more parameters. Such studies are called 'Clinical trials', which are having great importance in medical sciences. Clinical trials mainly deals with biomedical, biochemical and behavioral tests on subjects but in some special cases commentary of care giver or parent plays crucial role in determining the actual scenario. The most crucial aspect of clinical… 
Clinical Trial Analytics: Fulfilling the Future of Clinical Operations Insights
Significant business value from patient safety, operational efficiency, and reduced cost of conducting clinical trials are just a few of the benefits derived from the better management and optimization of data.
Life Sciences: Clinical and Marketing Analytics
The importance of plans of action is comprehended and their associations with business technique, advancement administration, and financial hypothesis are investigated to comprehend the importance of Plans of action.
Big Data and Healthcare Analytics
The reason of this article is to comprehend the importance of plans of action and investigate their associations with business technique, advancement administration, and financial hypothesis.
Clinical Analytics-The Next Big Thing to Achieve Value Based Healthcare
The future goals of the healthcare industry include a shift towards value based models which focus on reducing cost and increasing quality of care, and incorporating advanced clinical analytical methodologies can help in informed decision making, thereby optimizing clinical planning and execution.
Business Strategy and Innovation in an I.T Company
Abstract : At whatever point a business undertaking is set up, it either expressly or certainly utilizes a specific plan of action that depicts the outline or design of the esteem creation,
Social Media to E-Commerce System
This work is focusing on applying data mining algorithms to access the data from the micro-blogs that the user has created and this data becomes the basis for product recommendation in cold start situations.
Magic box: An algorithmic Technique for Ensuring Security and Privacy of End User Data and Device on Social Network.
The proposed system ensures privacy as well as security of end devices using a ‘Magic Box’ algorithm that transform the simple readable message into some another garbage message where only the authorized users can have access to the original readable message.
Hadoop’s Optimization Framework for Map Reduce Clusters
The proposed Dynamic technique has the three slot allocation techniques they are Dynamic Hadoop Slot Allocation, Speculative Execution Performance Balancing, and Slot Pre-scheduling and achieves a performance speedup by a factor of over the recently proposed cost-based optimization (CBO) approach.


The ANQueSt (Asian Nurse Quality of life Study) to Compare Quality of Lifeand Identify Related Variables: Study Protocol for a Cross-Sectional Design
The Asian Nurse Quality of Life Study was designed to compare nurses’quality of life across Asian countries and identify variables that are related to quality of life.
Pre-Senile Cataract in Diabetic Patients: Prevalence and Early Diagnosis
Corrected visual acuity in the majority of patients was normal and they mostly had non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy, and LOCS III remains an earlier and less expensive method of cataract diagnosis.
Early Treadmill ECG Stress Testing After Percutaneous Coronary InterventionFollowing Hemostasis with the Angioseal⢠Vascular Closure Device: AProspective Single-Center Cohort Study
Treadmill ECG stress testing within 24 h of PCI with the femoral access site closed by the Angioseal device was not associated with a higher complication rate compared to standard care.
Preparation with Mechanical Bowel Cleansing or/and Oral Antibiotics orNothing for Elective Colorectal Surgery: Two-Two-Arm MulticentreRandomised Controlled Studies (MECCLANT âÂÂC and âÂÂR Trials)
It is hypothesised that administration of oral antibiotics only, and not mechanical bowel preparation, is the main factor that prevents SSI after elective colorectal surgery.
Erythroderma Due to the Association of Pegylated Interferon Alpha-2a andRibavirin
The dermatological adverse effects due to the association of interferon Alpha and ribavirin in patients treated for hepatitis C are becoming more frequent and may influence the therapeutic management of such patients.
Bullous Erythrodermic Mycosis Fungoides: A Case Report
The case of a bullous erythrodermic mycosis fungoides, a rare entity of cutaneous T-cell lymphomas, which can be particularly aggressive with an unfavorable prognosis is reported.
( 2017 ) Pre - Senile Cataract in Diabetic Patients : Prevalence and Early Diagnosis
  • J Clin Trials
Prevalence and Early Diagnosis
  • J Clin Trials 7: 307. Citation: Lodha A
  • 2017