Editing of plastid RNA in Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes.

  title={Editing of plastid RNA in Arabidopsis thaliana ecotypes.},
  author={Michael Tillich and Helena T. Funk and Christian Schmitz-Linneweber and Peter Poltnigg and Bartolom{\'e} Sabater and Mercedes Mart{\'i}n and Rainer M. Maier},
  journal={The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology},
  volume={43 5},
Post-transcriptional maturation of plastid-encoded mRNAs from land plants includes editing by making cytidine to uridine alterations at highly specific positions; this usually restores codon identities for conserved amino acids that are important for the proper function of the affected proteins. In contrast to the rather constant number of editing sites their location varies greatly, even between closely related taxa. Here, we experimentally determined the specific pattern of editing sites (the… CONTINUE READING