Edge-tone effects and prosodic domain effects on final lengthening

  title={Edge-tone effects and prosodic domain effects on final lengthening},
  author={Charalambos Themistocleous},
This study reports two experiments that investigate the edge-tones and domain-specific effects on final lengthening. The study shows that in Cypriot Greek the following occur: (a) lengthening applies primarily on the syllable nucleus not the syllable onset, which suggests variety specific effects of lengthening; (b) lengthening depends on the edge-tones, namely, polar questions trigger more lengthening than statements and wh-questions; (c) lengthening provides support for at least two distinct… 

Seeking an Anchorage. Stability and Variability in Tonal Alignment of Rising Prenuclear Pitch Accents in Cypriot Greek

To address the alignment of the H, it is suggested that it aligns within a segmental anchorage in such a way as to protect the paradigmatic contrast between the L*+H prenuclear pitch accent and the L+H* nuclear pitch accent.

The Nature of Phonetic Gradience across a Dialect Continuum: Evidence from Modern Greek Vowels

The study sheds light on the gradient effects of vowel variation in Modern Greek, and shows that variation applies to specific subsystems, as it is the unstressed vowels that vary cross-varietally whereas the stressed vowels display only minor differences.

Effects of Stress on Fricatives: Evidence from Standard Modern Greek

Overall, duration and center of gravity contribute the most to the classification of stressed vs. unstressed fricatives.

Debonding of affixoids: a comparative constructionist account

In this article I analyze a specific mechanism of linguistic change by which new adjectives and adverbs may be created out of former compound members or affixoids. This process is called ‘debonding’

Analytical Decisions in Intonation Research and the Role of Representations: Lessons from Romani

This paper presents an analysis of the intonational system of Greek Thrace Romani. The analysis serves to highlight the difficulties that spontaneous fieldwork data pose for traditional methods of

Standard Modern Greek and Cypriot Greek vowels: a sociophonetic study

This study is a comparative analysis of Standard Modern Greek (SMG) and Cypriot Greek (CG) vowels. Specifically, the study examines the effects of vowel (/e i a o u/), language variety (SMG vs CG),

Dialect Classification From a Single Sonorant Sound Using Deep Neural Networks

Deep Neural Networks can classify the dialect from single consonant productions making them capable of identifying sociophonetic shibboleths.

Dialect classification using vowel acoustic parameters

Tonology and sentence structure in Greek

The view that human communication is essentially a matter of sharing mental states, especially communicative intentions, has been immensely influential in pragmatics and beyond. Drawing together and



Locality interactions with prominence in determining the scope of phrasal lengthening

  • D. ByrdD. Riggs
  • Physics
    Journal of the International Phonetic Association
  • 2008
The results indicate that gestures undergo prosodic lengthening when immediately local to the phase boundary and suggest that a consideration of prominence may be relevant in understanding the temporal patterning of boundary-related articulatory lengthening.

Structural influences on accentual lengthening in English

Abstract Results of four experiments suggest modifications of Turk and Sawusch's 1997 hypothesis that accentual lengthening occurs throughout a within-word foot-sized domain, and is blocked by its

Durational Effects in Final Lengthening, Gapping, and Contrastive Stress

The finding that target syllables in sentence-final position are characterized by progressive lengthening, unlike those in contrastive stress and gapping, supports the suggestion that utterance-final lengthening is a reflection of deceleration at the end of motor activity.

Word-boundary-related duration patterns in English

In a study of 11 triads like tune acquire, tuna choir and tune a choir, durational differences between, e.g.,tune acquire and tuna choir occurred on either side of the word boundary in a variety of prominence contexts, broadly confirming earlier findings in the literature.

The Domain of Final Lengthening in the Production of Dutch

Previous research has shown that at least in the word-final rhyme the amount of lengthening is related to boundary depth, but it is not known whether boundary depth has any effect on the size of the domain that is lengthened.

English speech timing : a domain and locus approach

This dissertation presents a descriptive framework for suprasyllabic processes in speech timing, and describes speech production experiments that investigate durational pro¬ cesses at the word level