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Edge Statistics for Lozenge Tilings of Polygons, II: Airy Line Ensemble

  title={Edge Statistics for Lozenge Tilings of Polygons, II: Airy Line Ensemble},
  author={Amol Aggarwal and Jiaoyang Huang},
We consider uniformly random lozenge tilings of simply connected polygons subject to a technical assumption on their limit shape. We show that the edge statistics around any point on the arctic boundary, that is not a cusp or tangency location, converge to the Airy line ensemble. Our proof proceeds by locally comparing these edge statistics with those for a random tiling of a hexagon, which are well understood. To realize this comparison, we require a nearly optimal concentration estimate for… 

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This paper establishes a universality result for scaling limits of uniformly random lozenge tilings of large domains. We prove that whenever the boundary of the domain has three adjacent straight

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In this note, we show that the Lyapunov exponents of mixed products of random truncated Haar unitary and complex Ginibre matrices are asymptotically given by equally spaced ‘picket-fence’ statistics.



Edge Statistics for Lozenge Tilings of Polygons, I: Concentration of Height Function on Strip Domains

In this paper we study uniformly random lozenge tilings of strip domains. Under the assumption that the limiting arctic boundary has at most one cusp, we prove a nearly optimal concentration estimate

Tilings of Non-convex Polygons, Skew-Young Tableaux and Determinantal Processes

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This paper is based on the study of random lozenge tilings of non-convex polygonal regions with interacting non-convexities (cuts) and the corresponding asymptotic kernel as in [3] and [4] (discrete

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We prove an asymptotic formula for the probability that, if one chooses a domino tiling of a large Aztec diamond at random according to the uniform distribution on such tilings, the tiling will

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Abstract. We investigate certain measures induced by families of non-intersecting paths in domino tilings of the Aztec diamond, rhombus tilings of an abc-hexagon, a dimer model on a cylindrical brick

Bulk Universality for Random Lozenge Tilings Near Straight Boundaries and for Tensor Products

We prove that the asymptotic of the bulk local statistics in models of random lozenge tilings is universal in the vicinity of straight boundaries of the tiled domains. The result applies to uniformly

Local limits of lozenge tilings are stable under bounded boundary height perturbations

  • B. Laslier
  • Mathematics
    Probability Theory and Related Fields
  • 2018
We show that bounded changes to the boundary of a lozenge tilings do not affect the local behaviour inside the domain. As a consequence we prove the existence of a local limit in all domains with

Universal edge fluctuations of discrete interlaced particle systems

We impose the uniform probability measure on the set of all discrete Gelfand-Tsetlin patterns of depth $n$ with the particles on row $n$ in deterministic positions. These systems equivalently