Ectopic thyroid tissue presenting as a submandibular mass.

  title={Ectopic thyroid tissue presenting as a submandibular mass.},
  author={I Sambola-Cabrer and Jos{\'e} Fern{\'a}ndez-Real and Wifredo Ricart and Jos{\'e} Francisco Barbas and Marta Oll{\'e} and Jordi Teruel},
  journal={Head & neck},
  volume={18 1},
BACKGROUND To our knowledge, only three cases with ectopic submandibular thyroid have been reported. No patient with simultaneous presence of ectopic submandibular thyroid and normal thyroid gland has been reported. Literature on this topic is reviewed. METHODS A 34-year-old woman with a longstanding asymptomatic right submandibular mass was evaluated by ecography, computer tomography scan, and fine-needle aspiration. Literature review was performed using EBSCO-Medline Results. The mass was… CONTINUE READING