Ectopic thyroid in the aortic valve of a Han Wistar rat.

  title={Ectopic thyroid in the aortic valve of a Han Wistar rat.},
  author={Fannie Baudimont and Helen Booler and Tony Casey and Annabelle Heier},
  journal={Toxicologic pathology},
  volume={38 2},
Histological examination of the heart of a clinically normal, 10-week-old female Han Wistar rat revealed a 600 x 400-mum mass of ectopic thyroid tissue within the subendothelial connective tissue of the aortic valve. The mass protruded into the left ventricular lumen and was composed of single layers of cuboidal to low-columnar epithelium organized into follicles often containing colloid. Parafollicular cells were not evident. To the authors' knowledge, this is the first report of intracardiac… CONTINUE READING

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