Ectopic intracranial retinoblastoma in childhood.

  title={Ectopic intracranial retinoblastoma in childhood.},
  author={Judith E. Kingston and Piers Nicholas Plowman and John L. Hungerford},
  journal={The British journal of ophthalmology},
  volume={69 10},
Twelve out of a series of 630 children with retinoblastoma, treated in the ocular oncology units at St Bartholomew's and Moorfields Eye Hospitals during the past 30 years, have developed ectopic intracranial retinoblastoma. The ectopic tumour occurred in the pineal region in eight children and in the suprasellar region in four. Ten patients had bilateral retinoblastoma, one unilateral disease, and one child presented with an isolated suprasellar tumour but no evidence of retinal disease. The… CONTINUE READING