Ectopic expression of Nramp1 in COS-1 cells modulates iron accumulation.

  title={Ectopic expression of Nramp1 in COS-1 cells modulates iron accumulation.},
  author={Peter G P Atkinson and Christopher Barton},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={425 2},
Nramp1 (natural resistance-associated macrophage protein) controls innate immunity and encodes a transporter of unknown function. Here we describe an antibody to Nramp1 displaying immunoreactivity towards a mature heavily glycosylated polypeptide of 90-100 kDa and a precursor form of 45 kDa in macrophages. Ectopic expression of the Nramp1 cDNA in COS-1 cells demonstrates that Nramp1 modulates cellular iron levels following loading with low molecular weight iron chelates. Surprisingly, Nramp1… CONTINUE READING

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