Ectopic Pax6 expression disturbs lens fiber cell differentiation.

  title={Ectopic Pax6 expression disturbs lens fiber cell differentiation.},
  author={Melinda K. Duncan and Leike Xie and Larry L. David and M. L. Robinson and Jennifer R. Taube and Wenwu Cui and Lixing Wang Reneker},
  journal={Investigative ophthalmology & visual science},
  volume={45 10},
PURPOSE Pax6 is a transcription factor necessary for the specification and subsequent formation of the ocular lens. It is expressed in all lens cells at early stages of development. After lens formation, Pax6 expression is maintained in the lens epithelium, whereas its level abruptly decreases in differentiated fiber cells. This study is to test the hypothesis that normal fiber cell differentiation would be perturbed by sustained Pax6 expression. METHODS Transgenic mice expressing the… CONTINUE READING
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