Ectoparasitism and vector-borne diseases in 930 homeless people from Marseilles.

  title={Ectoparasitism and vector-borne diseases in 930 homeless people from Marseilles.},
  author={Philippe Brouqui and Andreas Stein and Herv{\'e} Tissot Dupont and Pierre Gallian and S{\'e}k{\'e}n{\'e} Badiaga and Jean Marc Rolain and Jean Louis Mege and Bernard La Scola and Philippe Berbis and Didier Raoult},
  volume={84 1},
Homeless people are particularly exposed to ectoparasites, but their exposure to arthropod-borne diseases has not been evaluated systematically. A medical team of 27 persons (7 nurses, 6 infectious disease residents or fellows, 2 dermatologists, and 12 infectious disease specialists) visited the 2 shelters in Marseilles, France, for 4 consecutive years. Homeless volunteers were interviewed, examined, and received care; and blood was sampled for cell counts and detection of bacteremia… CONTINUE READING


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