Ectomycorrhizal syntheses with Picea abies and three fungal species: a case study on the use of an in vitro technique to identify naturally occurring ectomycorrhizae

  title={Ectomycorrhizal syntheses with Picea abies and three fungal species: a case study on the use of an in vitro technique to identify naturally occurring ectomycorrhizae},
  author={Ivano Brunner and R Gary Amiet and Margrit Zollinger and Simon Egli},
Ectomycorrhizal syntheses between Picea abies and the fungal associates Scleroderma citrinum, Boletus luridus, and Tricholoma vaccinum were carried out using Melin's Erlenmeyer flask technique. The symbioses of S. citrinum were characterized by a mantle composed of an outer prosenchymatous and an inner synenchymatous layer. The mantles of B. luridus and T. vaccinum were solely prosenchymatous. Rhizomorphs were produced in all treatments, but only in association with S. citrinum were they… CONTINUE READING


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