Ecto-ATPase of mammalian synaptosomes: identification and enzymic characterization.

  title={Ecto-ATPase of mammalian synaptosomes: identification and enzymic characterization.},
  author={Attila Nagy and T A Shuster and Antonio V Delgado-Escueta},
  journal={Journal of neurochemistry},
  volume={47 3},
Intact synaptosomes isolated from mammalian brain tissues (rat, mouse, gerbil, and human) have an ATP hydrolyzing enzyme activity on their external surface. The synaptosomal ecto-ATPase(s) possesses characteristics consistent with those that have been described for ecto-ATPases of various other cell types. The enzyme has a high affinity for ATP (the apparent Km values are in the range of 2-5 X 10(-5) M), and is apparently stimulated equally well by either Mg2+ or Ca2+ in the absence of any… CONTINUE READING


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