Ecotoxicology of hexavalent chromium in freshwater fish: a critical review.

  title={Ecotoxicology of hexavalent chromium in freshwater fish: a critical review.},
  author={Venkatramreddy Velma and Sesha Srinivas Vutukuru and Paul B Tchounwou},
  journal={Reviews on environmental health},
  volume={24 2},
Chromium (Cr) is a naturally occurring element found in rocks, animals, plants, and soil, predominantly in its insoluble trivalent form [Cr(III)]. Intense industrialization and other anthropogenic activities have led to the global occurrence of soluble hexavalent chromium Cr(VI), which is readily leached from soil to groundwater or surface water, in concentrations above permissible levels. The ecotoxicology of Cr(VI) is linked to its environmental persistence and the ability to induce a variety… CONTINUE READING

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