Ecotoxicological evaluation of municipal sludge.

  title={Ecotoxicological evaluation of municipal sludge.},
  author={Richa Srivastava and Anamika Tewari and Lalit Kumar Singh Chauhan and Dinesh Kumar and Shrawan Kumar Gupta},
  journal={Alternatives to laboratory animals : ATLA},
  volume={33 1},
Municipal wastes originating from urban and industrial areas have become a major source of soil, ground and surface water pollution. These undesirable agents in our environment significantly interact with our flora and fauna. The aim of this study was to test samples of municipal sludge (MS) for their ecotoxicological potential by using sensitive bioassays involving a plant, Vicia faba, and the earthworm, Eisenia foetida. A 10% leachate of MS was prepared for the experiments, and V. faba… CONTINUE READING

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