Ecosystems of Media Training and Competence: International Assessment of Its Implementation in Higher Education

  title={Ecosystems of Media Training and Competence: International Assessment of Its Implementation in Higher Education},
  author={Emilio {\'A}lvarez-Arregui and Alejandro Rodr{\'i}guez-Mart{\'i}n and Rafael Madrigal-Maldonado and Beatriz-{\'A}ngeles Grossi-Sampedro and X. Arreguit},
In a globalized and media society with unprecedented technological development, institutions of higher education are adapting their training models to face this new challenge. This study aimed to determine students' self-perception of their media competence and the differential influence of an ecosystemic model of training that is being implemented experimentally. The research methodology is mixed, as both a quantitative (descriptive and inferential analysis) as well as a qualitative analysis… Expand

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