Economy in Motion: Cham Muslim Traders in the Mekong Delta

  title={Economy in Motion: Cham Muslim Traders in the Mekong Delta},
  author={Philip H. Taylor},
  journal={The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology},
  pages={237 - 250}
  • P. Taylor
  • Published 1 December 2006
  • Economics
  • The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology
The Cham Muslims of the Mekong delta address the problems and opportunities of Vietnam's liberal reform era with strategies of trade and mobility. This paper situates Cham trading activities in an ongoing history of movement and examines the spatial and cultural singularities of Cham economic life. 
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Studies on Islam and Muslims in Vietnam are indeed very interesting to be understood and shared with other Muslims in the region. Historically, the Cham communities in Vietnam have converted over
It is believed that Islam was first introduced to the Chăm community around the eleventh century. Despite vicissitudes of the Champa kingdom’s history, this religion has remained and thrived in


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