Economics in a full world

  title={Economics in a full world},
  author={Herman E. Daly},
  journal={IEEE Engineering Management Review},
  • H. Daly
  • Published 1 September 2005
  • Business, Economics, Engineering
  • IEEE Engineering Management Review
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Trade and the Environment
The dynamic effects of pollution on growth and inflation: a derivation of the new keynesian environmental canonic model
The article constructs a three equation model, in which it relates ecological variables with traditional macroeconomic variables, assuming that economic agents decide to look ahead. In the so-called
Updating of ecological economics within the framework of systems approach
In the article, introduction into the new scientific branch-economics of sustainable development-is given. This direction is called to consider traditional ecological and economic spheres as a whole
Sustainability and Economic Theory: A Policymaker's Guide to the 21st Century Economy
Neoclassical economic theory, which has come to dominate much of the policymaking world, reduces the factors of production to labor and capital. Yet, the classical economists as far back as Adam
C’mon! Don’t Tell Me the Current Trends Are Sustainable!
We want to start with an optimistic perspective. It will be expanded in Chap. 3 of the book, but readers should remember it’s coming while familiarizing themselves with the not-so-pleasant facts of
The Case for Strong Sustainability
This book is written after three decades of global policy and discourse on sustainable development (SD). Regrettably, these decades did not meet the iconic Brundtland Report's call to display 'envi
Water Footprint Expands with Gross Domestic Product
The exponential increase in water demand has been a focus since the 1970s in the well-known report on the “Limits to growth” [...]
Putting the Biophysical (Back) in Economics: A Taxonomic Review of Modeling the Earth-Bound Economy
Economists rarely model the economy as explicitly bound by earth’s ecological systems. Modeling the dynamic interactions of both human and non-human systems is admittedly a challenging task, as it
Managing without growth


The Economics of the Coming Spaceship Earth
We are now in the middle of a long process of transition in the nature of the image which man has of himself and his environment. Primitive men, and to a large extent also men of the early
The green national product: a proposed index of sustainable economic welfare
Many critics of mainstream economics have been calling for a new compass to guide national economic policies because the existing one, the GNP, is broken. They propose a 'green national product'
He recognizes the contradiction and, unable to resolve it, has simply chosen to live with it
  • Life is a Miracle (An Essay Against Modern Superstition
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  • See also Chapter 23 in Herman Daly, Ecological Economics and Sustainable Development
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