Economics and Sociology, Epistemology and Values

  title={Economics and Sociology, Epistemology and Values},
  author={Maglaras Vasilis},
  journal={SAGE Open},
  • M. Vasilis
  • Published 1 January 2012
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This article focuses on the Amherst term papers and the early essays of Talcott Parsons, the essays he wrote before he published The Structure of Social Action. In these essays, Parsons attempts to define the theoretical interests of sociology in contrast to those of orthodox economics and positivism. It is argued in this article that the Amherst term papers are of little interest as they do not introduce original ideas, and all the relevant argumentation that is developed in these essays is… 


The Changing Relationship Between Economic Sociology and Institutional Economics
OLAV VELTHUIS [*] ABSTRACT. In his early work, Talcott Parsons severely criticized Old Institutional Economists like Thorstein Veblen and Clarence Ayres. Parsons' main objection was that
The Making of a Method: A Historical Reinterpretation of the Early Parsons
ion. 5. Positivism/non-(post-, anti-) positivism. A breach with positivism was no more required. It is thus not unusual to find the early Parsons embracing analytical theory and upholding,
The Theory and Scholarship of Talcott Parsons to 1951: A Critical Commentary
Preface Part I. Unravelling Talcott Parsons' theoretical development: 1. Introduction Part II. Talcott Parsons: the roots of his thought: 2. Talcott Parsons in relation to the thought of his time 3.
Prolegomena to a Theory of Social Institutions
Policy and Institutionalism: Selected Essays. Clifton, New Jersey: Kelley. . 1932. "Institution." Pp. 84-9 in Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, vol. 8, edited by Edwin R. A. Seligman. New York:
The Place of Ultimate Values in Sociological Theory
  • T. Parsons
  • Sociology
    The International Journal of Ethics
  • 1935
HE positivistic reaction against philosophy has, in its effect on the social sciences, manifested a strong tendency to obscure the fact that man is essentially an active, creative, evaluating
Reputation and Predecessor Selection: Parsons and the Institutionalists
Previous research contends that when Talcott Parsons developed the substantive argument of The Structure of Social Action, he turned away from the theoretical emptiness of American social science and
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Parsons’theory of economy and society has reemerged as an important reference point in the development of social theory. This paper focuses on Parsons’contribution to a possible theoretical
"Capitalism" in Recent German Literature: Sombart and Weber (Concluded)
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  • Economics
    Journal of Political Economy
  • 1929
M i [AX WEBER has none of Sombart's concentration of attention upon a single line of development. His researches extend over the whole of human history. He investigates the classic world, China,
"Capitalism" In Recent German Literature: Sombart and Weber
  • T. Parsons
  • Economics
    Journal of Political Economy
  • 1928
of thought has been its rather abstract generality; its formulation in terms implying, or at least not denying, universal applicability wherever human economic life is lived. With the general atti?
Talcott Parsons Today: His Theory and Legacy in Contemporary Sociology
Chapter 1 Foreword Chapter 2 Introduction: the Theory and Legacy of Talcott Parsons Chapter 3 Parsons and Simmel at Harvard: Scientific Paradigms and Organizational Culture Chapter 4 The Place of Max