Economic value of ecosystem services in Protected Landscape Areas in the Czech Republic

  title={Economic value of ecosystem services in Protected Landscape Areas in the Czech Republic},
  author={Janusz Danek and David Va{\vc}k{\'a}ř and Eli{\vs}ka Krko{\vs}ka Lorencov{\'a}},
Daněk J., Vačkář D., Krkoška Lorencová E. 2017: Value of ecosystem services in Protected Landscape Areas in the Czech Republic – Beskydy, 10 (1, 2): 99–112 This study aims to explore spatially explicit economic values of ecosystem services provided by ecosystems and habitats in 25 Protected Landscape Areas (PLAs) in the Czech Republic, with a more detailed overview of three selected PLAs (Beskids Mountains, Český les Mountains and Odra River Basin). In the methodology, combination of the… 

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