Economic sanction: a weapon of mass destruction

  title={Economic sanction: a weapon of mass destruction},
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COVID-19 Infection Among Women in Iran Exposed vs Unexposed to Children Who Received Attenuated Poliovirus Used in Oral Polio Vaccine

It is suggested that indirect exposure to live attenuated poliovirus may be associated with decreased symptomatic COVID-19 infection for at least 6 months.

Have International Sanctions Impacted Iran’s Environment?

Economic sanctions have been actively used against Iran in the last four decades. In response to sanctions, Iran has adopted a range of survivalist policies with notable environmental implications.

How International Economic Sanctions Harm the Environment

As soft political tools, economic sanctions aim at isolating a sanctioned state and hurt its economy to force it to change course, policies, and actions. In response to sanctions and to evade their

Research on Systematic Risk Early Warning System Based on Machine Learning Technology: A Case Study of Marine Economy

The current mainstream of machine learning technology based on the marine economy of systemic risk early warning system for research is proposed here and should be given to the examination of marine resources and environment.

Time for more evidence: a scoping review of the effects of sanctions on Iranian health

While there is a scarcity of evidence in quantifying the sanction’s impact and also the potential impact on different dimensions of people”s health, it seems that innocent people suffered from the economic downturn caused by sanction.

The Coronavirus Pandemic: "The Show Must Not Go On"

  • F. HabibzadehT. Lang
  • Biology
    The international journal of occupational and environmental medicine
  • 2020
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Sanctions and the proliferation of terrorism: Cases of Iran, Libya, and Bosnia-Herzegovina

This review discusses terrorism, sanctions, and economic sanctions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks with a focus on the case of Iraq.

Domestic violence against women in Shiraz, South-western Iran

More than half of the married women in southwestern Iran are experiencing domestic violence, and mental domestic violence is the most common type.

The Flood in Iran: A Consequence of the Global Warming?

  • M. Yadollahie
  • Philosophy
    The international journal of occupational and environmental medicine
  • 2019
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Devastation in Yemen ongoing

Yemen's silent killers.

US-led economic sanctions strangle Iran's drug supply

Doctor as witness: opposing economic sanctions on Iraq (1990–2003)

  • 2008