Economic returns from the biosphere

  title={Economic returns from the biosphere},
  author={Graciela Chichilnisky and Geoffrey Heal},
Industrial companies and environmentalists are traditional opponents. But conflict may not be necessary: there is money to be made in projects that embrace environmental goals. 

Is the Distribution of Ecosystem Service Benefits Pro-Poor? Evidence from Water Purification by Forests in Thailand

Forests are widely believed to provide a water purification service that reduces the cost of treating drinking water, but few empirical economic studies have investigated this service in developing...

Valuing Ecosystem Services

Edward Barbier and Geoffrey Heal explain an emerging field aimed at valuing ecosystems, whose purpose is to help policy makers decide things like how best to get New York clean water or the role that

Developing a Scientific Basis for Managing Earth's Life Support Systems

The motivation and science behind efforts to characterize and manage ecosystems as capital assets, and some recent work to evaluate the potential for sustaining biodiversity and ecosystem services in human-dominated landscapes are described.

Ecosystem Services : In Nordic Freshwater Management

Human wellbeing is dependent upon and benefit from ecosystem services which are delivered by well-functioning ecosystems. Ecosystem services can be mapped and assessed consistently within an ecosys

The Value of Nature and the Nature of Value

The process of economic valuation could greatly improve stewardship of ecosystems and is now being realized with innovative financial instruments and institutional arrangements.

Effectiveness of participatory approaches in sustainable rural development: Analyzing case studies in Uzbekistan

Title from PDF of title page (University of Missouri--Columbia, viewed on September 6, 2013).

Economics of Water Security

In the immediate future, accessible runoff of fresh water is unlikely to increase more than the demand forecasted. It will have an impact on economic growth as it may reduce the per capita income of

Nature and Society: An Imperative for Integrated Environmental Research

To reach a comprehensive understanding of crucial humanenvironment interactions, disciplinary analysis must be complemented by interdisciplinary research—spanning the natural, social, behavioral, and engineering sciences.

Management objectives for the protection of ecosystem services

Valuing Ecosystem Services: The Case of Multi-functional Wetlands

1. Introduction 2.The Ecosystem Services Approach to Natural Resource Management 3. Policy Appraisal Perspectives and Socio-economic Appraisal Approaches 4. The Ecosystem Services Approach: Valuation



The value of the world's ecosystem services and natural capital

The services of ecological systems and the natural capital stocks that produce them are critical to the functioning of the Earth's life-support system. They contribute to human welfare, both directly

Development and Global Finance: The Case for an International Bank for Environmental Settlements

The approach suggested here was proposed by the author during discussions with members of (a) the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate

The Diversity of Life

In this book a master scientist tells the story of how life on earth evolved. Edward O. Wilson eloquently describes how the species of the world became diverse and why that diversity is threatened