Economic instruments: Overview and applications in Kenya

  title={Economic instruments: Overview and applications in Kenya},
  author={Henk Harmsen},
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Determinants of carbon finance uptake and its role in deployment of renewable energy projects in Kenya

A Research Thesis submitted in total fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Finance at Strathmore University



Firms’ willingness to invest in a water fund to improve water-related ecosystem services in the Lake Naivasha basin, Kenya

A valuation scenario was designed using a contingent-valuation approach and presented to decision makers in business firms in Kenya’s Lake Naivasha basin to test how applicable a water fund might be

Economics of natural resources and the environment


The objective of this major is to provide students with the necessary training for the application of economic theory and analysis to environmental and natural resource issues. The flexibility of

The Total Economic Value of Maasai Mau, Trans Mara and Eastern Mau Forest, of the Mau Forest, Kenya

  • Technical report, Lake Victoria Basin Commission Secretariat.
  • 2011

Blueprint for a sustainable economy

  • Earthscan Publications Ltd., first edition.
  • 2000

UNEP DTU CDM/JI Pipeline Analysis and Database

Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES): A practical guide to assessing the feasibility of PES projects

One of the aims of the CoLUPSIA project is to explore options for establishing payments for ecosystem services (PES) within the two districts where the project is working: Seram and Kapuas Hulu.

Economics in a full world

  • H. Daly
  • Business, Economics
    IEEE Engineering Management Review
  • 2005
This publication contains reprint articles for which IEEE does not hold copyright and which are likely to be copyrighted.

Stern Review : The Economics of Climate Change

TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE Executive Summary i-xxvii Preface & Acknowledgements

Experience with Market-Based Environmental Policy Instruments

Environmental policies typically combine the identification of a goal with some means to achieve that goal. This paper, prepared as a chapter draft for the forthcoming Handbook of Environmental