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Economic impacts of child marriage : global synthesis brief

  title={Economic impacts of child marriage : global synthesis brief},
  author={Q. Wodon and C. Mal{\'e} and Kolobadia Ada Nayihouba and Aboudrahyme Savadogo and Ali Yedan and S. Edmeades and A. Kes and Lydia Murithi and M. Steinhaus and S. Petroni},
While the proportion of girls marrying as children is declining globally, this decline is not occurring in all countries or taking place equitably within countries, nor is it happening at a sufficiently fast pace to see an end to the practice in the coming decades. Indeed, rates of both child marriage and early childbearing have seen recent declines, but progress has been uneven, and many of the cultural, economic and social factors that have historically contributed to child marriage persist… Expand
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