Economic decline and gentrification in a small town: the business sector in Aberdeen, Eastern Cape

  title={Economic decline and gentrification in a small town: the business sector in Aberdeen, Eastern Cape},
  author={Doreen Atkinson},
  journal={Development Southern Africa},
  pages={271 - 288}
  • D. Atkinson
  • Published 1 June 2009
  • Economics
  • Development Southern Africa
Small towns are a neglected topic of study but they are gaining importance in South Africa because of rapid urbanisation. This paper discusses a case study of business development and gentrification in Aberdeen, a small town in the Eastern Cape's Karoo. Although there has been a long-term decline in Aberdeen's economy, major changes are now taking place that call for more focused development policies. The findings of a 2006 business survey in Aberdeen are presented here and integrated with… 
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