Economic Theory and Physician Behavior in Bariatric Surgery

  title={Economic Theory and Physician Behavior in Bariatric Surgery},
  author={Alex M. C. Macgregor and Callum C MacGregor},
  journal={Obesity Surgery},
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Ethical Issues in Bariatric Surgery

The aim of this chapter was to discuss ethical issues of the increase of obesity and bariatric surgery, which has provoked new ethical concerns that had never been seen before.

Ethical considerations in bariatric surgery in a developing country

A detailed informed consent, thorough preoperative patient assessment and method selection are mandatory for good results in obesity surgery, due to the lack of public knowledge necessary.

ABO blood group associations with obesity in random samples from Advanced Medical and Dental Institute Staff and Students

This study provides a ground for future research to confirm or refute the hypothesis of ABO type association, assessment of obesity on scientific basis and providing medical evidence base with actions to improve health and contributes to tackle activities that trying to find solutions for the excess weight gain from a new different side.

Effects of Gastric Electric Stimulation on Gastric Distention Responsive Neurons and Expressions of CCK in Rodent Hippocampus

The hippocampus is known to be involved in the regulation of gastrointestinal motility and the effect of GES on the activities of neurons and the expression of CCK in the hippocampus was studied.

Gastric electrical-stimulation effects on canine gastric emptying, food intake, and body weight.

The mean daily food consumption was significantly reduced during both sessions of GES, resulting in significant immediate weight loss, and low-frequency/long-pulse GES may have a potential role in the treatment of obesity.



The Utility-Maximizing Self-Employed Physician

The results suggest that fee reductions induce the substitution of physician own time for auxiliaries, and the net effect of this adjustment is reduced patient loads and a decrease in supply from the existing stock of solo practitioners.