Economic Methodology: Paradox of Ceteris Paribus Law in the Context of Sierra Leone

  title={Economic Methodology: Paradox of Ceteris Paribus Law in the Context of Sierra Leone},
  author={Emerson Abraham Jackson},
  journal={M{\'e}thod(e)s: African Review of Social Sciences Methodology},
  pages={31 - 40}
  • Emerson Abraham Jackson
  • Published 31 October 2016
  • Economics
  • Méthod(e)s: African Review of Social Sciences Methodology
ABSTRACT Research in the subject area of economics (as a social science) has defined its ontologie of scientific investigation through economic methodology; a philosophical approach entailing the proviso of empirical evidence and backed by an understanding of human interaction in their natural habitat. The contention of economic methodology being refuted for its non-scientific means of investigation and particularly with the application of Ceteris Paribus (CP) law, has been critically addressed… 

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