Economic Impact Analysis of Bridge Construction

  title={Economic Impact Analysis of Bridge Construction},
  author={Funda Yavuz and Upul Attanayake and Haluk Aktan},
  journal={Transportation Research Record},
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Traffic disruption from bridge construction has been reduced to several hours through the development of methods characterized as accelerated bridge construction. Associated risks and additional activities involved in the accelerated construction increase initial project cost. This additional cost is offset by the benefits of reduced mobility impact time. Traditionally, the savings in user cost from reduced mobility impact time are used to justify the additional cost of accelerated construction… 

Risk-informed asset management to tackle scouring on bridges across transport networks

Abstract Scour is one of the main causes of bridge failures resulting in significant macro-economic impacts, often beyond the direct costs of infrastructure damage. Given the pressure to increase the

Assessing the impact of bridge construction on the land use/cover and socio-economic indicator time series: A case study of Hangzhou Bay Bridge

ABSTRACT Construction of transportation infrastructure is a vital step in boosting economic and societal opportunities and often results in land use changes. In this study, we focus on the land use

Integrated priority decision index for risk assessment in chaos: cost overruns in transport projects

Purpose Cost overrun is inherent to project chaos, which is one of the key drivers of project failure. The purpose of this paper is to explore the critical elements of complexity-risk

Social-Economic Effects and Political Satisfaction from Pedestrian Footbridges in Rural Areas

It is generally accepted that having a proper river crossing point has a positive effect on rural inhabitants. Such crossing points would increase the ability of communities to access their social

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Investigating Factors Influencing Deck Conditions of Concrete Bridge and Steel Bridge Using an Interpretable Machine Learning Framework

Good deck condition is critical for a bridge to transport vehicles across physical obstacles on the landscape. This study uses the National Bridge Inventory data provided by LTBP InfoBridge to assess

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The pull-off bond strength of epoxy overlays applied at 7, 14, and 21 days, following a 7-day moist curing, shows the possibility of applying an epoxy overlay before the end of the 28-day curing period stipulated in the current specifications.

Structural Design and Inspectability of Highway Bridges

AbstractIt is inevitable that the components of highway bridges will develop flaws due to mechanical and environmental loads. Bridges are typically inspected visually to determine their condition a...



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The paper presents a summary of the costs of traffic disruptions due to the method of pipe installation chosen for utility construction. The study is limited to university campus projects, and the


Highway relief routes may have a variety of impacts on small- and medium-size communities, both positive and negative. On the positive side, communities benefit from a reduction in traffic through