Economic Forms in Pre-Colonial Ghana

  title={Economic Forms in Pre-Colonial Ghana},
  author={Stephen Hymer},
  journal={The Journal of Economic History},
  pages={33 - 50}
  • S. Hymer
  • Published 1 March 1970
  • Economics, History
  • The Journal of Economic History
This paper uses a simple physiocratic model to examine forms of economic organization prevailing in Ghana before it was incorporated into the British Empire at the end of the nineteenth century. It is divided into three parts. The first analyzes the village subsistence economy and suggests that the egalitarian nature of the land-tenure system prevented the emergence of a land-owning class and the appropriation of an economic surplus. This led to an economic structure characterized by a low… 

The Decline of Rural Industry Under Export Expansion: A Comparison among Burma, Philippines, and Thailand, 1870–1938 and Economic Forms in Pre-Colonial Ghana: Comments

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  • History, Economics
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  • 1962
Two recent articles by Dr Mauny, inconclusive in themselves, since in the second he withdrew his earlier claim that the material of aggrey beads might be the coral-like marine growth Allopara

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Essai d'interprétation du phénomène économique dans les sociétés traditionnelles d'auto-subsistance

Meillassoux Claude. Essai d'interpretation du phenomene economique dans les societes traditionnelles d'auto-subsistance. In: Cahiers d'etudes africaines, vol. 1, n°4, 1960. pp. 38-67.