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Economic Burden of Endometriosis : A Systematic Review

  title={Economic Burden of Endometriosis : A Systematic Review},
  author={K. Koltermann and C. Dornquast and A. Ebert and T. Reinhold},
At present, few discussions have addressed the economic burden of endometriosis. The present study aimed to update two previous reviews and to assess the current body of literature regarding the costs associated with endometriosis. We searched the PubMed, EMBASE and The Cochrane Library databases using “endometriosis”, “economics”, “costs”, “productivity”, “insurance” and “burden” as search terms to identify articles published between 2004 and 2015. To enable the performance of comparisons… Expand
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Healthcare Resource Use and Costs Associated with Opioid Initiation Among Patients with Newly Diagnosed Endometriosis with Commercial Insurance in the USA
While observed endometriosis-related costs were significantly higher in opioid users compared to non-opioid users during a 24-month follow-up period, endometrian-related HCRU varied by service categories for these two populations over this time period. Expand
The impact of high-risk and chronic opioid use among commercially insured endometriosis patients on health care resource utilization and costs in the United States
A retrospective analysis of IBM MarketScan® Commercial Claims data from 2009 to 2018 demonstrates significantly higher all-cause and endometriosis-related health care resource utilization and total costs for high-risk opioid users compared to low- risk opioid users among newly diagnosed endometiosis patients over 1 year. Expand


The Economic Burden of Endometriosis
Health economic information for endometriosis is scarce, limiting the understanding of its overall economic impact, and the literature and other available data suggest that endometiosis places a considerable burden on patients and society. Expand
The direct and indirect costs associated with endometriosis: a systematic literature review.
The identified studies indicate that there is a significant economic burden associated with endometriosis, as observed by both direct and indirect costs, which contributed to large variations in theDirect and indirect cost estimates. Expand
Endometriosis: cost estimates and methodological perspective.
There is a need for more and better-designed studies that carry out longitudinal analyses of patients until the cessation of their symptoms or that model the chronic nature of endometriosis, which is considerably higher than those related to Crohn's disease or to migraine. Expand
Costs of endometriosis in Austria: a survey of direct and indirect costs
The overall economic burden of endometriosis in Austria is currently comparable with that of Parkinson’s disease and the question arises as to whether more timely diagnosis followed by better-targeted treatment might have the potential to reduce these costs. Expand
What is the societal burden of endometriosis-associated symptoms? a prospective Belgian study.
It was showed that direct and indirect costs attributable to endometriosis-associated symptoms are substantial and may decrease productivity loss, quality of life impairment and healthcare consumption and consequently reduce total costs to patients and society. Expand
Krankheitskosten bei Endometriose
With costs of 1.96 billion Euros and in younger populations (average age 36.7 years), long periods where patients are unable to work increases the risk of job losses, therefore, intensive medical care should aim at patients becoming symptom-free. Expand
Economic burden of surgically confirmed endometriosis in Canada.
  • A. Levy, K. Osenenko, +4 authors R. Reid
  • Medicine
  • Journal of obstetrics and gynaecology Canada : JOGC = Journal d'obstetrique et gynecologie du Canada : JOGC
  • 2011
For some women, surgically confirmed endometriosis has a substantial negative impact that can result in suffering to the individual and her family, and lead to substantial productivity losses. Expand
Economic burden of deep infiltrating endometriosis of the bowel and the bladder in Germany: The statutory health insurance perspective.
Direct costs are highest during the year of surgical treatment, but DIE of the bowel and bladder places a substantial burden on the SHI also before and after surgery. Expand
The burden of endometriosis: costs and quality of life of women with endometriosis and treated in referral centres.
The economic burden associated with endometriosis treated in referral centres is high and is similar to other chronic diseases (diabetes, Crohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis). It arises predominantly from productivity loss, and is predicted by decreased quality of life. Expand
Actuarial analysis of private payer administrative claims data for women with endometriosis.
Women with endometriosis have a high hospital admission rate and surgical procedure rate and a high incidence of comorbid conditions, and these women incur total medical costs that are, on average, 63% higher than medical costs for the average woman in a commercially insured group. Expand