Economic Benefits of Treating High-Risk Hypertension with Angiotensin II Receptor Antagonists (Blockers)

  title={Economic Benefits of Treating High-Risk Hypertension with Angiotensin II Receptor Antagonists (Blockers)},
  author={Antonio Coca},
  journal={Clinical Drug Investigation},
  • A. Coca
  • Published 2008
  • Medicine
  • Clinical Drug Investigation
Hypertension is one of the leading risk factors for cardiovascular disease and represents a major health and economic burden. Most patients with high-or very high-risk hypertension have multiple cardiovascular risk factors with or without accompanying subclinical organ damage or established cardiovascular or renal disease. Patients with severe hypertension or with moderate hypertension and one to two additional risk factors have absolute 10-year risks of cardiovascular disease of 21–30% and 15… 

Costs of current antihypertensive therapy in Switzerland: an economic evaluation of 3,489 patients in primary care.

The prescription of mono-therapies appears to be a major cost factor, thus, the use of single-pill-combination therapy can be considered as a suitable approach to saving costs throughout all BP- stages.

Comparison of the efficacy and safety of an oral combination of losartan, hydrochlorothiazide and simvastatin against separated components, in hypertensive and dyslipidemic patients

It is concluded that the fixed dose combination of losartan, hydrochlorothiazide and simvastatin, is as effective and safe as the fixed doses ofLosartan and hydrochlorothsiazide plus simvastsatin, in hypertensive and hypercholesterolemic patients.

Hypertension treatment in a section of the prescribed management benefit market in South Africa

This research was embedded in a drug utilisation review approach supported by various other measuring instruments, classification systems, arithmetical formulas and descriptive statistical methods and revealed that most observations were made for prescriptions consisting of two and three-item antihypertensive medications respectively.

Evolutionary cost analysis of valsartan initiation among patients with hypertension: a time series approach

The evolutionary impact of the initiation of valsartan included a temporary cost surge, a gradual, consistent, and statistically significant cost decrease, and a cost-offset point around the 4th post-initiation month.

Upregulation of Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone System (RAAS) by Methylglyoxal: Role in Hypertension

This review focuses on the literature review of hypertension and its role in diabetes, as well as some of the mechanisms behind its prevalence and treatment.


The primary pharmacokinetic parameters (C max, A UC 0-t and AUC 0-inf ) 90%CI were within the 80 to 125% interval required for bioequivalence as stipulated in the current regulations of the USFD A acceptance criteria.

Original article Evolutionary cost analysis of valsartan initiation among patients with hypertension: a time series approach

This study examines the evolutionary impact of valsartan initiation on medical costs through a retrospective time series study design with a large, US national commercial claims database for the period of 2004–2008.

A Retrospective Survey of the Incidence of Hypertension in Abia State-Nigeria

The incidence of Hypertension increases as the year goes by, hence the need for life style modification, and it was observed that the incidence was higher in men than in women.

Decision and Simulation Modeling in Systematic Reviews

The modeling analyses were classified according to the type of interventions that were evaluated: prevention, screening, diagnosis, and treatment.



Major outcomes in high-risk hypertensive patients randomized to angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor or calcium channel blocker vs diuretic: The Antihypertensive and Lipid-Lowering Treatment to Prevent Heart Attack Trial (ALLHAT).

Thiazide-type diuretics are superior in preventing 1 or more major forms of CVD and are less expensive and should be preferred for first-step antihypertensive therapy.

Effects of losartan on renal and cardiovascular outcomes in patients with type 2 diabetes and nephropathy.

Losartan conferred significant renal benefits in patients with type 2 diabetes and nephropathy, and it was generally well tolerated.

Health economic implications of irbesartan plus conventional antihypertensive medications versus conventional blood pressure control alone in patients with type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and renal disease in Switzerland.

Addition of irbesartan to conventional antihypertension therapy was projected to improve life expectancy and reduce costs in hypertensive patients with type 2 diabetes and microalbuminuria in a Swiss setting.

Renoprotective effect of the angiotensin-receptor antagonist irbesartan in patients with nephropathy due to type 2 diabetes.

The angiotensin-II-receptor blocker irbesartan is effective in protecting against the progression of nephropathy due to type 2 diabetes, independent of the reduction in blood pressure it causes.

The effect of irbesartan on the development of diabetic nephropathy in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Irbesartan is renoprotective independently of its blood-pressure-lowering effect in patients with type 2 diabetes and microalbuminuria, and serious adverse events were less frequent among the patients treated with the drug.

Combination Angiotensin Receptor Blocker/Hydrochlorothiazide as Initial Therapy in the Treatment of Patients With Severe Hypertension

This study confirmed the efficacy and tolerability of initial use of a fixed combination of losartan/hydrochlorothiazide vs.Losartan without a thiazide as monotherapy for patients with severe hypertension.

A French cost-consequence analysis of the renoprotective benefits of irbesartan in patients with type 2 diabetes and hypertension

In France, early irbesartan treatment improved quality and length of life and reduced costs in hypertensive patients with type 2 diabetes and microalbuminuria and Sensitivity analysis showed that even over short time horizons both irbesartist treatments were superior to the control group.